This year, we have two positions that have come up for renewal. We’re keen for members to nominate themselves or their colleagues. We know there is a depth of talent and interest in the Society and are excited to see your nominations.

Important Dates

We aim to announce successful candidates at the upcoming CES Conference in Durham, and so we’re running the following time frame, subject to receiving sufficient nominations:

  • Nomination period: Closes June 16th (subject to receiving sufficient nominations)
  • Elections: Voting opens June 21st, closes July 5th
  • Candidates notified July 15th, to confirm by July 22nd
  • New executives announced during CES Conference September 9th-11th

All candidates will have a handover period with the current Executive member, so they will be “eased in” over the first few months. Terms are for two years in the first instance. People must be a CES member to stand for election and to vote. You can find links to the CES By-laws here.

We’re hoping to have at least 3 candidates for each post. The positions are listed below, along with a short description of responsibilities, post-holders who can be contacted for more details, and any extra information on desirable characteristics in the interest of inclusion. The nomination form walks through the information we need. We plan to hold the election as soon as possible. A brief description is at the end of this bulletin.


President-Elect serves an apprenticeship on Executive until taking over as President, and then on completion of term has the option to stay on the Executive for a further 1-2 years as Past-President. This continuity and memory has served the CES extremely well so far, and we are very grateful to individuals who put themselves forward for this important role in steering the CES and representing cultural evolution to the wider world.

Inclusion information: 

Gender is open for this position though with an eye to future balance on the Executive we encourage women and those who do not identify as men to nominate themselves. Region is open for this position. As always we strongly encourage nominees from underrepresented regions or backgrounds.

Alex Mesoudi ([email protected]) and Sarah Mathew ([email protected]) can answer queries.

Student Representative

Student Representatives solicit and represent the early-career voices in our community. We encourage our Student Reps to participate in our subcommittees (e.g. workshop funds, conference liaison, media team), but are mindful of their time. To be eligible, you will need to be a doctoral student for at least 12 months from taking up the post. The post is for two years.

Inclusion information: 

We aim to have two Student Reps of different genders. Our continuing Student Rep is a woman so we encourage candidates who are men or those who do not identify as women to nominate themselves. Region is open but as always we strongly encourage nominees from underrepresented regions or backgrounds.

Hideo Daikoku ([email protected]) and Feryl Badiani ([email protected]) can answer queries.

Information we ask on the nomination form:
  • – Name, email, current position and institution, preferred pronouns.
  • – A confirmation of good standing: we ask all nominees who agree to run to confirm that they have not been found by their university or institution to have committed academic/professional misconduct or harassment/bullying of any kind. This is in keeping with the culture of CES as an inclusive academic society with strong ethics of conduct.
  • – Two short statements (100-200 words each):
    • – The first on how your research/career relates to the field of Cultural Evolution.
    • – The second about your vision for the Society that you will pursue if elected, including what you might contribute to CES’s diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • – Relevant information on gender, region, or other characteristics. This is only seen by the Elections subcommittee for the purposes of eligibility and not included in the voting materials.

[Link to nomination form]

A reminder: nominations close June 16th

General enquiries can be addressed to Nicole Wen (Elections Officer; [email protected]) or the general CES email ([email protected]).