The CES adopted Bylaws in February 2017. These specify the following information: name of the society, mission statement, values, membership rules, executive committee and officer composition, role of the membership in governance, and mediation and arbitration.

In December 2019 the CES adopted the following Constitution, for the purpose of applying for charity status in the UK. This constitution acts jointly with the previously approved Bylaws.

In January 2017, the CES Executive Committee adopted a resolution on the diversity of the Executive Committee (referred to as “Executive Council” in the document) to ensure appropriate representation of genders and world region in the society’s governance, and to avoid discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or race.

In October 2020, the CES adopted guidelines for organising inclusive events to ensure diverse scholarly meetings. These include 10 practical suggestions that organisers can implement to promote different forms of diversity. We use the word “minority groups” to refer to historically marginalized and underrepresented groups in the academy which include women, LGBTQ+ scholars, Black, indigenous, and persons of color (BIPOC) scholars, ethnic minorities, researchers from the Global South, individuals with disabilities, caregivers, first-generation students, and people from low socio economic backgrounds.

The CES holds the Annual General Meeting during the CES conference, or when otherwise called by the CES executive if there is no conference that year. Agenda, documents and minutes can be found here.

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