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Workshop Application FAQ

Workshop Application Form 2021 | Frequently Asked Questions

How will you determine what will and won’t be covered?

Funding would normally go towards:

  • Room hire for the venue

  • Equipment hire (projectors etc)

  • Travelling expenses for speakers/presenters

  • Reasonable accommodation and subsistence costs for speakers/presenters

  • Reasonable refreshments (tea/coffee/snacks) for attendees/speakers 

Funding should not normally be used for:

  • Unnecessary conference “swag” (bags, USB drives, expensive stationery…)

  • Full accommodation and subsistence costs for all attendees

  • Equipment purchases whose life extends beyond the event 

Can organisers have travel or other costs paid?

We expect that organisers are on-locality already, i.e. that they are students or members of the hosting institution, or that the event is held in a venue close to the main institution involved. We’ll consider justified requests for organisers costs on a case-by-case basis. We discourage exotic locales or venues that are distant for all organisers, for obvious practical reasons! 

Can we pay speakers?

No. You may reimburse their costs in full but honorariums are beyond the scope of our funding.

Our workshop will cost more than the amount available, what should we do? 

Please make sure your event is viable with just the stated limit of funding. It will be up to organisers to make sure that the amounts applied for will cover the basic needs of the event. Consider a nominal attendance fee if you have a shortfall.


How will you decide what to fund?

Be sensible with your budget: your application won’t be given more consideration because it looks inexpensive but you’re not reimbursing speakers travel, for example. 

Feel free to contact the Secretary or Treasurer for any advice on what to include or not in the budget.


Is there any limit on the number of organizers? 

While many hands make light work, most moderately-sized workshops only need a team of 2-6 people. We strongly discourage people from undertaking event organisation by themselves. Equally, coordination becomes difficult with too large a committee.


Does the amount of coverage vary depending on the size of the workshop? 

By definition, the number of attendees and speakers will determine costs. We ask you to prepare an outline budget in advance so that we can see the proposed costs. We may make recommendations for cost-savings if we think we can advise a more sensible use of limited funds.


Is it expected that organizers would have multiple sources of funding for their event? 

This is not an expectation, as the aim of the funding is to enable events that might not be able to go ahead unless supported by CES. We encourage organisers to apply for any “matching funds” that might be available from their institutions or other bodies, and will work with organisers to communicate with those bodies where practical.