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Templeton Grant 2021 | Frequently Asked Questions

We actively encourage early discussion of ideas, eligibility or remit etc.  If you have any questions about the awards available please check the existing FAQs below.   If your query remains unanswered, please pose it here (you will receive an email response and the information will be added, anonymously, to this page if appropriate).

We plan to hold virtual pre-application webinars and workshops (details to be announced but please signify your interest in such events here) and, in the mean-time, if you would like assistance in linking up with other academics to achieve or discuss your application ideas please use the ‘research match-making’ form here and we will endeavor to help.  

Finally, if you have suggestions of how we may enhance achievement of our diversity aims please let us know here.  Thank you!

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How did you decide on the topics of the funding scheme?

The research projects call and the applied working groups call were largely informed by the ‘grand challenges’ identified by the 2017 survey of the field (Brewer et al. 2017), and discussions with the current CES executive, with input from the John Templeton Foundation who have generously supported the field for many years. The calls are quite broad and although we provide an outline of the research project topics here, and suggest working group areas here, we will consider any well justified interpretation of the calls.


When are the funding deadlines?

The expected deadlines for the two-stage application process are given here and here.  As soon as we are able we will finalize the specific deadline dates and announce them via CES media (twitter, facebook, newsflash/newsletter).


How do I apply?

Details of how to apply, and what will be required, are given here.  As we approach the first (outline stage) submission deadline (expected to be mid-December) we will create a downloadable proforma for you to complete and submit via a submission portal that will be housed on the CES website.  When this is available we will let you know via CES media (twitter, facebook, newsflash/newsletter).


I am new to the field of cultural evolution and would like to know how I can get advice on the suitability of my project idea?

We are very pleased that you are interested in the scheme and in bringing a new perspective to cultural evolution.  We plan to hold virtual pre-application webinars and workshops (details to be announced but please signify your interest in such events here) where ideas can be discussed in small break out groups that we will arrange. We also offer a ‘research match-making’ service here and will endeavor to help you locate appropriate colleagues to discuss your ideas with. 


Would I fulfill the diversity criterion of extending the geographical reach of CES if I am from a non-Northern American/Western European country but did my PhD in North America or Western Europe?

Evaluation will be made on a case by case basis (using information provided by you at application stage, such as nationality, ethnicity, location of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees).  As an example, were your application ranked equal to another application from an individual that had not already had the opportunity to develop networks in Northern America or Western Europe, we may consider this other application slightly more favourably.