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The Cultural Evolution Society is committed to a broad, pluralistic and interdisciplinary perspective, which brings together all researchers applying evolutionary theory to the understanding of cultural inheritance and evolution. Membership is open to all who share this as a basic research, teaching, or applied interest.

Who should join the CES?

We encourage the following people to become founding members:
  • Academic professionals, scholars, graduate students, and undergraduate students from any discipline relevant to cultural evolution. We especially encourage the next generation of scientists to become involved.
  • Anyone (professional or nonprofessional) who is trying to accomplish positive cultural change in the real world and who would like to base their efforts on a rigorously scientific cultural evolutionary theory.
  • Anyone (professional or nonprofessional) with an intellectual interest in cultural evolutionary theory who would like to get involved and support this rapidly maturing field.
  • We are especially eager for our members to come from all cultures around the world—an appropriate ideal for a Cultural Evolution Society!

Benefits of becoming a member include;

  • Receive news and announcements about society activities
  • Vote in elections and participate in management of the society
  • Early-bird registration and discounts on future conferences and events
  • Access to member forums and working groups
  • Ability to promote and view opportunities on our job board
  • View upcoming events organized by our members


  • All members of the society must be over the age of 18.

By joining the society using the links below, you are confirming that you are over the age of 18.

Choose your appropriate membership plan:
  • The Full Membership is for active professionals in full-time employment (1 year: $45 / €40 / £35; 3 years: $112 / €100 / £88)
  • The Student Membership is for those who are currently pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at a higher-education institution (full-time or part-time) (1 year: $25 / €20 / £18; 3 years: $62 / €50 / £45)
  • The Concessions Membership is for those who are retired, unemployed or underemployed as judged on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Treasurer or Secretary beforehand to check eligibility. (1 year: $25 / €20 / £18; 3 years: $62 / €50 / £45)
  • The Developing Countries Membership is for all those (professional, student or concessions) who are based in a developing country as defined by the International Monetary Fund. (1 year: $25 / €20 / £18; 3 years: $62 / €50 / £45)


If you wish to pay membership fees for someone other than yourself, please pay using the Paypal buttons below using your details and then email [email protected] with your name and the name and email address of the person joining, and we will make sure the records are correct. Thanks!

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