advancing cultural evolutionary studies


Every research field is deeply collaborative and ours is no exception. We envision a variety of partnerships among our members that benefit from support from this society. Many will arise independent from formal agreements with CES -- as the natural outcome of exchanges among our members. Currently, we have established the following collaborative partnerships.

The Evolution Institute has been a communication partner with its online magazines, This View of Life and the Social Evolution Forum, and is an organizational partner providing administrative support during the birthing process of our society.

John Templeton Foundation provided an 18 month planning grant to support the formation of our society. This has enabled us to create our website, run inaugural elections for our first Executive Committee, and host the first international conference.

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History was a local organizing partner for our first international conference in Jena, Germany in September 2017. They managed logistics and provided web registration and fiscal management supports for this initial meeting of the membership.

Arizona State University School of Evolution and Social Change is the local organizer for our 2018 conference in Tempe, Arizona. They will manage logistics and oversee event planning for the second international meeting of the membership.