advancing cultural evolutionary studies

Advancing Cultural Evolution (ACE) Grants

Grants to increase the global reach of Cultural Evolution research

CES is launching a new funding initiative, thanks to a generous donation from Eric and Peggy Peterson. Click here to learn more about the donors.

The awards will run from 2023-2027 and help support and increase the global reach of cultural evolution research by supporting early career researchers, outreach efforts, and capacity building in Low-and-Middle Income countries. Details on how to apply will be provided in early 2023.

The award scheme is as follows. Note that modifications in number of awards and award amounts may be made for 2025-27, based on an assessment of interest and impact that the different award categories generate in 2023-25.

1. Small grants for early career researchers

Two awards of up to $3000 each to support research projects in cultural evolution. We anticipate these awards to be given yearly from 2023-2027.

2. Outreach awards:

One award of up to $2500 each year for supporting activities to translate CES research for a non-academic audience. This can include activities such as:

  • traveling to study communities to disseminate research findings;
  • translating a book or paper to another language;
  • creating a professional video or film of a research project;
  • developing dissemination materials;
  • organizing a high-school student event hosting a meeting with policy makers

3. Strengthening CE research in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC)

One award of up to $6000 to support either:

  1. a researcher from an LMIC country to visit a host institution anywhere in the world
  2. an established cultural evolution researcher from anywhere in the world to visit a host institution in an LMIC country.

The visits should be 3 months or longer, and should be focused on providing training in cultural evolution theory or methods, or developing research collaborations that help advance research capacity in LMIC countries. One award will be given out in each of the following years: 2023, 2025, and 2027. Visits can occur in the award year or the following year.

4. Conference travel awards:

We will give out four travel awards of up to $1500 during the conference years (2024 and 2026) for researchers from Low-and-middle income countries to attend the CES conference in person.